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Green Cleaning:

Today we deal with everyone wanting to do green cleaning. But, what exactly is green cleaning? Well, there are many different ways that people state that they are a “green” company. Let’s look at a very brief overview of how a company can be green.

First, the chemicals. Now, what you have to understand is that most companies are going to use the chemicals that do the best job, and they are not green chemicals. While green chemicals are more environmentally friendly, they are not going to produce the sanitation that you want for your facility. 

Second, the company recycles. Now, with my company I know that we use only environmentally friendly and recyclable cleaning tools. Like our mops heads, they are made with a mirco fiber cloth that can be washed and reused over two thousand cleans while still providing a very deep, great clean, and not transfer bacteria back and forth with our patented mopping bucket design. I am not going to go into too much detail about our tools as I don’t think my boss would like that too much.

Last, and very easy. Recycle. Recycle everything. Paper, metals, chemicals, etc. For the most part most companies recycle. But some companies will stamp themselves green and all they do is recycle the paper in their office, which is nice, but not what we are looking for. So if you are trying to get your establishment green certified, ask your janitorial company about their green clean services that they provide and ask for it on paper.


Just a brief post while I am under the weather. Hope everyone one is healthy and well.