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Cleaning companies: Franchisees

Most people often stick up there noses to using a franchise system for their cleaning needs. The biggest reason: because the brand name that they are running their business under collects royalties or a percent tags of their earnings. Well. That is true but most don’t realize that those “royalties” usually give them insurance, payoff their equipment, etc. Every franchise company is a little different but most of them run the same. While few look down on this business model it can actually save you a lot of time and money.
Reason One: these franchise owners work hard because the result of their work is directly impacting their financial future. So they (most) are going to work hard to keep their client happy and their customer becoming a recurring one.

Reason Two: if using a franchise system, you are not obligated to a single crew or person. Say that franchisee is one of those that does not make you a fully satisfied customer. You can contact the franchising company that you are using. Meet with their quality control or operations personnel. While still paying the same rate you can have another crew put on place without breaking any contract or having to go through the bidding and hunting process to get another company or person replaced. Hopefully, your franchisee just doesn’t up and quit. Then, again, you would not have to go through the process of getting them replaced. One phone call and you should be done.

Reason Three: If you hire just an individual, do they have insurance? Most franchise systems will give the franchisee insurance through their franchisee fees. That way if anything were to ever happen while they were at your location, they would be covered. Which would include: property damages, theft, or them even getting hurt while cleaning your facilities! I’m sure you would not be in a good mood if someone fell down while mopping your floors and you were left with the medical bills.

Reason Four: Experience… We all look for some experience. When using an individual they may have years of experience in cleaning, but who doesn’t? When you use a franchise system their management teams will have DECADES of industry experience. That way when you call the company you are reaching an experienced individual that can get anything that you need done.

Reason Five: Simplicity and accountability: Ever ask your cleaning personnel for something and they have to reach out to someone else, or just simply can’t do it. When you use a franchise system, the individual cleaning your facility may not be able to do a specific job that you need done; however, the franchise system most likely has someone on their staff that can get that job done. Then you are not paying out multiple invoices to several companies to get some cleaning done. You could also have multiple locations in different areas and instead of hiring multiple people to do it and receiving multiple statements from billing you most likely would receive one invoice from one company for all of their locations.

These are some just basic quick reasons to go with a franchise system. It’s just peace of mind knowing that all your cleaning expectations will be handled quickly and you will never have a headache of having to deal with multiple people or having to constantly rehire and sign contracts to get someone else in.