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It’s the job that nobody really thinks about when they start their own business. Operations. Operations management is really key when it comes to something such as the janitorial industry. You have to make sure that everything is going as smoothly as possible. We make sure to do this in the franchise world for many different reasons. You want to make sure that everyone is doing their job, and the way that it is expected to be done, when you are providing a service. You need to realize that while you are your own business, I can guarantee that you are not the only one that is doing this type of work. And if the quality of services that you provide are sub par, then you might find yourself losing a customer, or a contract because of your own doing. Now, I will stay say that’s your own doing if you have employees. Even though its not yourself that is doing the work, it is still your company. So some of the functions in the operations managers position can help make sure that your company is sticking around for a while.

First, let’s talk about the crew. If it’s yourself doing the service. Great! That means that this is your business and you are aware that your own financial future is dependent on the quality of the services that you are providing. So you are most likely to do a very thorough job and make sure to keep your customer happy. If you have a crew, well that’s okay too.  But you want to do a few things. You may want to conduct background checks. You have to remember that you are providing a service and these people are going to be going into businesses, peoples homes, or both. Do you want someone in a facility that has a felony offense for robbery?  While they may not be a repeat offender, do you really want to take the chance?

Next, what about inspections. While they are cleaning, and while they are not. You would want to go during the time they are cleaning, because you want to make sure that 1. They are actually there doing the work. 2 That is actually themselves doing the work. 3 So you can make sure that they are following all procedures and policies correctly.  They may be violating some severe safety hazards to get the job done quicker, and nobody wants someone getting hurt on the job. You also want to go while the crew is not there. This gives you a great time period to get some feedback from your customers, and you can see if they have any issues that they would like to address. Some people are not comfortable giving constructive criticism to someone face-to-face. These are just a couple reasons. I don’t want to give away all of our job functionality in of how our business operates, but figured someone may not know much at all and this would be a beginner for them.


Choosing A Cleaning Company:

It can be a very tasking assignment to find a cleaning company for your facility or facilities.  However, researching companies can save you time and money. Before your initial meeting with a cleaning company, you should assess what your company needs, and how often. Also, if you require any special services, make sure that they are aware of that when they are putting together their proposal. Also, you should know how soon you would like to have services start. Also, most companies bill at the beginning or end of the month. So starting out in the middle of the month would be ideal, because you would not be charged the full amount, and you could do a trial clean for that month and it would be prorated for the month’s services.

You should meet with several companies to tour your facility to learn what they have to offer. Each company should do a complete walk through of the facility. Make a list of questions for the company so that you can later compare one company to another.

You may also want to request proof of insurance and bond certification. A reputable cleaning service sets asides funds for failing to deliver services or damaging your property. It also protects the person cleaning your facility. If a janitorial personnel were to get hurt on your job site, than them having insurance could mean big savings to your budget later.

You can also to see how well a company is doing by checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If they have had any complaints from former customers, you can usually find a review or rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

Ask a person at the company about their customer service. Do they have somebody that can always be reached to answer any questions? What is their sense of urgency to respond to any requests or complaints?

Most companies require a contract for the work. Make sure that you review the cleaning contract thoroughly to ensure that it meets your needs and any work to be performed is outlined clearly. Most companies will write up a one year contract. Some companies will do a three month trial period, and that may work best if you have never hired a cleaning company prior. Also, consider how well the proposal looks and reads. The quality of the person touring your facility and the proposal (the presentation) often speaks to the quality of the company itself.

Also, a reputable company will have references available. Evaluate the company’s reputation by speaking with a few of their references.  Ask specific questions.

You may also get a really good deal from franchise cleaning companies. While the franchisee can be inexperienced they will get advice and other resources from the franchise. Plus, with most franchises if you have someone in your building that you do not like the job they are doing, they can mostly replace them with another if the job is not being done to your liking.

Finally, ask if the company offers a quality control program to resolve any issues for you. What is the turnaround time to complete complaints or requests and how is the feedback acquired.

There are many companies out there to compare. Searching the web can be your best friend when looking for an experienced company. But do some extensive research. Some of the newbies can be very hard working, because they want to prove that they can get out there and get the job done. Happy cleaning company hunting!