Working in a Clean Environment

Here are some benefits of keeping a clean workplace.

If you love your job, you are still going to have days that are just too much. Your work environment plays a major role in how you feel about your job. Working in a clean environment will have a major effect on how you feel about doing something every day. Likewise, working in an unclean environment will have just as much as of effect, but in a negative way. It can impact how you feel and behave in the workplace.

Keeping a clean office is a vital part of keeping employees happy and happy employees produce more. The moment you neglect cleaning services you are going to hear complaints. If you let the cleaning go for too long you can also risks an employees health and well-being.

If you are working in an environment that services customers in person, it is even more important the work environment be kept clean and safe. If you have an untidy work place it will feel cluttered and unwelcoming/

Keeping the space clean also improves the air quality, which keeps everyone healthier. With improved air quality, you will cut down on absenteeism. Working will have more energy and therefore; be more creative.  Simple cleaning will improve performance and business.

All of these things lead to better production from employees and you.


3 responses to “Working in a Clean Environment

  • 3aclean

    We couldn’t agree more with your post. Working in clean environment greatly benefits each business and its employees. To add to your list, we have some additional benefits/facts. Hope you enjoy!

    – An entryway carpet can collect more than 39 pounds of dirt over the course of a single year.
    – Office break rooms and kitchens are teaming with illness-causing bacteria, housing contamination that can be spread throughout the workplace without proper, regular cleaning.
    – Respiratory illnesses contracted in the work place can cost employers as much as $134 per employee per year, according to a study reported in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
    – New customers form their first impression of your business within 30 seconds of entering it. In fact, their impressions began to form even before they enter the building, as customers relate the outside appearance to the quality of product or service inside.
    – According to a national online survey, customers of convenience stores and restaurants make a connection between the cleanliness of restrooms and the cleanliness of other parts of the facility. If they find restrooms that are unhygienic, smell badly, or are poorly stocked with supplies, they are much less likely to return and are more inclined to tell friends and family of their negative experience.
    – More than 20 states across the nation require hospitals to release their infection rates. With access to this information, patients are now choosing their hospital based on cleanliness and infectious disease rates, forcing hospitals with higher infection rates to quickly find ways to do better—or lose patients, revenues and their reputation.

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